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Calculating Indifference

2010-08-24 12:22:34 by svinepels

My newest album. Ten songs, only five of them have actually been uploaded to NG. I consider this to be my best and most professional album yet, and perhaps the last one to be made in LMMS. Minded%20Guy/Open%20Minded%20Guy%20-%2

Another new song

2010-04-06 13:45:09 by svinepels

I haven't posted anything here in a while, so i thought I should share my new song! /323610

Reviews would, as always, be appreciated.

Oh, and here's a picture of a Charger:

Another new song

New Song

2009-08-28 11:19:00 by svinepels

This one's called If You Say So, and is one of my best songs yet, in my opinion.

Listen here: /265962

Understandable Leflin EP

2009-01-27 10:26:43 by svinepels

Check out Understandable Leflin EP, an album containing six mixes of my song Understandable Leflin. You can download a ZIP file here: %20Minded%20Guy/Open%20Minded%20Guy%20

Understandable Leflin EP

I just posted all of my four albums to Links are included below:

First Album - When Evening Becomes Night
The first album I made. Consists mostly of strange and very basic songs with catchy melodies.
1. Get Up
2. Castleside
3. Lights Off
4. Breeze
5. Juicy Beat
6. Chill
7. His Name is Bjarne
8. Castlewall
9. Mountaintop Evening
10. Final Face-Off fed2f8/Svinepels_-_When_Evening_Become s_Night.html

Second Album - Jellyfish
Jellyfish was created only a month after WEBN and includes many songs in the same "genre" as WEBN-songs. Still, there are some new and more complex shit here.
1. Cromido
2. Scratch a Disk or Two
3. Second Heat
4. Shapes
5. Skip This Track
6. Jellyfish
7. Humas Huy
8. Weather
9. Airplane Crash
10. RIPB e0307b/Svinepels_-_Jellyfish.html

Third Album - The Bottomless Well
The first album I'm really satisfied with. The songs are longer and have more complex melodies and beatlines.
1. Intro
2. Mission Accomplished
3. Chillin' Medley
4. Gazelle
5. Iron Pillar
6. Bottomless
7. The Origin
8. The Bottomless Well
9. Flight of the Night
10. Silent Moments 5ecd99/Svinepels_-_The_Bottomless_Well .html

Fourth Album - Do Not Feed Strangers
The songs have evolved a bit from TBW, having more variated use of percussion and... well just listen.
1. Dialogue
2. Back in Town
3. Vermin Insurance
4. Whistle Jam
5. Samurai Drinking Coffee
6. Fog on the Shore
7. Attention
8. Cathedral
9. White Vacation
10. Seasoning c72c05/Svinepels_-_Do_Not_Feed_Strange rs.html?s=1

Thanks for listening!

All four albums available (for free)

For those who are interested, you can download my fourth "album" Do Not Feed Strangers here: c72c05/Svinepels_-_Do_Not_Feed_Strange rs.html

The album contains some of my highest rated songs, including Samurai Drinking Coffee and Seasoning. Hope you like it!

Do Not Feed Strangers Available


2008-09-09 11:10:10 by svinepels

Among my songs, I still recommend listening to Last Impression which is my newest and best song. For those who've already heard it, try out my other favorites: Back in Town, Seasoning, Samurai Drinking Coffee or Iron Pillar.

Please review my submissions, even if it's only some lines it'll be appreciated.
- Svinepels

New song

2008-08-27 13:19:20 by svinepels

A new song will soon arrive: Last Impression. It's an awesome song!

Uploading like Crazy

2008-08-22 16:27:48 by svinepels

I'm now adding lots of my works to this site, almost two every day. This means lots of the old stuff too x)

Just wanted to say that I'm one of the people who downloaded Firefox 3 on the Download Day and helped Mozilla to set the Guinness World Record for most downloaded software in 24 hours!

Firefox 2 Guinness World Record